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Similar to DAT files BIN files are used to store various kinds of data. The difference is BIN file format assumes that data is binary while DAT files frequently may contain textual information. BIN files could not be read using text editors and could only be opened either by an application which can interpret them or by using HEX editors. If BIN file type is not known it is possible to open it in HEX editor and try to figure out what is inside the file. While BIN file could be in binary format some parts of it could contain textual information, which may help with understanding what the file is about.

Below are several possible types of BIN files which you may encounter:

  • Binary files are used as executables on Linux or Unix. Such files could be executed on Linux or Unix if corresponding permissions are set on the file.
  • BIN files may contain binary data for the application. For example it can contain images, statistics, game level or other binary data used by the application.
  • MS-DOS used BIN files to store executable code. These BIN files could be converted to executable EXE files using exe2bin and bin2exe utilities.
  • BIN files are used to store track data in CD CUE/BIN file format. In this format CUE files store textual metadata about the track and BIN file stores actual audio track data.

Depending on what is stored inside the file, BIN files may be converted to a human readable format. For example, BIN files with executable code could be converted to a plain text file using disassembler. BIN files which contain video or audio information could be converted to a different video file formats by a video conversion software.

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